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Having advisors with Vision to make your Nigeria possible

Our collective vision allows our group to make the connections between investors, businesses and inspired ideas. Creating new opportunities, and navigating the financial challenges of a changing economy imaginatively so that we never leave people unsupported or new avenues unexplored.

This is what drives us at Stanbic IBTC.

Corporate profile

Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC (“Stanbic IBTC”) was incorporated as Investment Banking and Trust Company Limited (“IBTC”), a private limited liability company, on 2 February 1989. IBTC was granted a merchant banking licence in February 1989 and commenced operations on 1 March 1989. IBTC’s merchant banking licence was converted to a universal banking licence in January 2002, pursuant to the universal banking guidelines of the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”). In 2005, IBTC became a public company and its shares were listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“The NSE” or “The Exchange”)

In December 2005, IBTC merged with Chartered Bank PLC and Regent Bank PLC and changed its name to IBTC Chartered Bank PLC (“IBTC Chartered”) on 25 January 2006. On 24 September 2007, IBTC Chartered merged with Stanbic Bank Nigeria Limited (“Stanbic Bank”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanbic Africa Holdings Limited (“SAHL”), which in turn is a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group Limited of South Africa. As part of the transaction that resulted in the combination of IBTC Chartered and Stanbic Bank, SAHL acquired a majority shareholding (50.1%) in the enlarged bank, which was named Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC.

On 1 November 2012, Stanbic IBTC officially adopted a Holding Company (“Holdco”) structure in compliance with the revised regulatory framework by the Central Bank of Nigeria which requires banks to divest from non-core banking businesses or adopt a HoldCo structure.

Under the new structure, the subsidiaries of Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC are Stanbic IBTC Bank, Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited, Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited, Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited, Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited, Stanbic IBTC Insurance Brokers Limited, Stanbic IBTC Ventures Limited, and Stanbic IBTC Investments Limited. Stanbic IBTC Nominees Limited and Stanbic IBTC Bureau de Change Limited are the only subsidiaries of Stanbic IBTC Bank.


To be the leading end-to-end financial solutions provider in Nigeria through innovative and customer-focused people


Serving our customers

We do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our clients with the products, services and solutions to suit their needs, provided that everything we do for them is based on sound business principles.

Growing our people

We encourage and help our people to develop to their full potential and measure our leaders on how well they grow and challenge the people they lead.

Delivering to our shareholders

We understand that we earn the right to exist by providing appropriate long-term returns to our shareholders. We try extremely hard to meet our various targets and deliver on our commitments.

Respecting each other

We have the highest regard for the dignity of all people. We respect each other and what Stanbic IBTC stands for. We recognise that there are corresponding obligations associated with our individual rights.

Working in teams

We, and all aspects of our work, are interdependent. We appreciate that, as teams, we can achieve much greater things than as individuals. We value teams within and across business units, divisions and countries.

Constantly raising the bar

We have confidence in our ability to achieve ambitious goals and we celebrate success, but we must never allow ourselves to become complacent or arrogant.

Being proactive

We strive to stay ahead by anticipating rather than reacting, but our actions are always carefully considered.

Upholding the highest levels of integrity

Our entire business model is based on trust and integrity as perceived by our stakeholders, especially our clients.


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